Do you have a house in Massachusetts that you’re trying to sell ASAP?

Good luck, because the typical process of selling your place will take forever when you have to do all of this:

  1. Fix up and clean the property
  2. Find a trustworthy agent who will make good on their claims of being able to sell your house in a jiffy
  3. Sign a contract that binds you to this agent for a certain term
  4. Deal with the paperwork
  5. Wait
  6. Wonder

Yep, you could deal with all of this, or you can have We Buy Old Properties help you avoid all of it. No waiting, no wondering, no paperwork, and no cleaning! We offer cash for your old house no matter the condition. Seriously, no matter the condition (and we’ve seen some pretty incredible things). Most importantly, you’ll only receive fair offers from We Buy Old Properties, because at the end of the day nobody wants to feel like they were cheated out of a deal, let alone a house.

What if I’m in a hurry to sell?

We’ll give you an offer on your house in 24 hours or less for a fair amount. After that it’s entirely up to you how fast you want the house out of your life: you make the call, and we’ll follow through. Unlike having to wait for a potential buyer to come up with the funds, we already have the money, so you won’t have to rely on other people’s credit to get on with your life. Reduce months of work into days and sell your Massachusetts home with us.

What if I’m going through some stuff?

Life happens: we get it. Divorce, moving, mortgage issues, foreclosure, and liens can make for a pain if you’re trying to get on with your existence. Save your time, energy, and sanity by letting We Buy Old Properties purchase your Massachusetts home, because the last thing you want to deal with are fickle buyers who will try to pressure you into lowering your price and continuously play mind games with you while you have your own stuff going on.

What about inspectors?

The professionals at We Buy Old Properties are the inspectors, and it won’t cost you a dime. Plus, if you’re not having to impress any potential buyers, you’ll feel great knowing that our staff are there to get you out and with cash in hand ASAP.

What are your fees?

None. Best short answer in the world, right? Click here to see a cross-comparison chart to see how We Buy Old Properties stacks up to your typical Massachusetts agent process.

What do I do now?

You have three options:

  1. Call 617-694-7356 to ask any questions you have about selling your place with We Buy Old Properties or to have us come by to take a look.
  2. Email us at [email protected] to see how we can help or to schedule a “viewing” (although we’d like to think of it more as a “selling”)
  3. Fill out this form to tell us more about your home so we can get you going ASAP!